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The Convenience of a Smart Pharmacy, with the Peace of Mind of the Best Pill Dispenser

Transfer your parent's prescriptions to MedMinder, and we will regularly deliver a batch of ready-to-use medication trays to them.

  • Our pharmacists take care of transferring your parent’s prescriptions to MedMinder.
  • Medications are pre-organized in cups, with up to four daily doses.
  • With two daily doses, the tray can last two weeks. With one daily dose, it can last four weeks!
  • No medication sorting, counting or un-packing required.
  • The co-pay stays the same.
  • We work with most insurance providers, and Medicare Part D.
  • Our pharmacists will follow up with your parent’s doctors and take care of refills, so you don’t have to worry.
  • MedMinder Pharmacy Trays are perfectly compatible with the MedMinder Pill Dispensers.

The Peace of Mind of the Best Pill Dispenser

MedMinder Pharmacy is here to give you peace of mind with the best pill dispenser on the market

  • Our pre-organized medication trays slip into the MedMinder pill dispenser.
  • When the pill dispenser says it’s time to take the medications, simply remove the flashing cup and take the medications!
  • MedMinder flashes the right cup and sounds audio notifications to eliminate missed doses.
  • Alerts to you and your loved ones help the family stay informed and respond to problems.
  • Optional compartment locking helps avoid confusion and increase independence: only the right compartment will unlock at the dosage time.
MedMinder Pharmacy - pill dispenser for elderly

Also available: Medical Alert Service

With our available monitoring service, you can get the added security of an emergency call center for only $10 more a month!

The MedMinder pill dispenser comes with an optional emergency call button and bracelet, connecting you to a quick-response emergency call center at the click of a button.

Prefer the MedMinder pharmacy service without the MedMinder pill dispenser? No Problem, we have other packages as well.

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