MedMinder Pharmacy - locked pill dispenser

Smart Pharmacy
Delivered to Your Loved Ones

Mom & Dad’s Medications, Delivered to their Home, with a Smart Pill Dispenser!

Transfer your parents' prescription to MedMinder Pharmacy, and give them the best medication management solution available!

We will deliver ready-to-use medication trays to your loved ones. Pop the trays into the pill dispenser, and you’re ready to go.

There’s no extra cost for the pharmacy service beyond their co-pay, and our pharmacists will take care of transferring the prescription.

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The Best Pill Dispensers

MedMinder Pharmacy - automatic pill dispenser

How does it Work?

Give your parents the best medication management solution available with MedMinder Pharmacy!


MedMinder Pharmacy - locked medication dispenser

A MedMinder pharmacist will transfer your parent’s prescriptions to our pharmacy


MedMinder Pharmacy - medications management

 MedMinder Pharmacy sorts, packages and delivers the meds to your parent


MedMinder Pharmacy - timed pill dispenser

Load the medication tray into the MedMinder pill dispenser


MedMinder Pharmacy - smart pill box

Enjoy the MedMinder alerts, reminders and monitoring service